Born a Neptunian Aquarian, Ioanna spent the early years of her childhood on a tanker vessel in the North Sea, alongside her father and plenty of amazingly interesting seafarers…

When she turned 9, the family moved to London where she discovered shopping, multiculturalism, contemporary art and bullying.

At first, she studied Shipping in Liverpool. Art History however, claimed the better of her and this is how she ended up studying for a second time. Once finished, she returned to Athens and opened a contemporary art gallery in Exarheia which she kept for a few years.

In 2003 she establishes her first arts and crafts studio under the name of Handmade by Ioanna Karayianni and until 2019 she carries out the most wonderful artistic journey of her life (so far).

Handmade christening goods, favors and invitations for weddings as well as Christmas charms and Easter candles. The studio collaborated with many firms and for long periods of time.. Most of them co-signed each creation: Handmade for Lapin House… Handmade fot Frattina… Handmade for Bambineria… Handmade for Ηρα… Handmade for Pettit Bateau… Handmade for Famous Friends… There were also collaborations with the Benaki museum of Athens and with the Megaron. Goods were also created especially for the Allouette brand, Type Center and a great many wonderful stores in Greece and Cyprus.

In 2020 Ioanna decides to become a student once more. Her prominent Neptune shall choose Astrology this time.

Meanwhile, in 2021 (and to avoid boredom during the covid19 lockdown) she creates , where she blogs about her experience of various meditative practices and alternative healing methods. It is through this blog that is born. Crystal Yogi is a beautiful online store that sells crystals in a way that has not been done before!

Ioanna has been following Amma (Amma Mata Amritanandamayi Devi) since the first magical moment they met and her heart filled… She is a solo traveller and when she can, she takes her backpack and disappears mostly to Asia. Married to a gorgeous man (since the last century) and mother of Nickolas (since 2003).

Ambassador of joy anywhere and everywhere, she will embrace all who love life and creativity!

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