About Baby Yogi

Baby yogi is an online store for all of you who are sick and tired of buying old fashioned frames, photo albums and silly outfits for newborn babies and christenings.

We also wish to serve all Greek and Cypriot godparents who exhaust themselves trying to locate pretty Easter candles for their godchildren, just before Easter.

We happen to love baby astrology and the wisdom that it brings to the lives of so many new parents. We sincerely hope that it is helpful to both yourselves and those you care for.

In crystals, we find far more than aesthetics and trends.. Having lived with crystals for years, we eagerly suggest them to all of you.

This online store has been made with a lot of love and stands as the result of 20 years of creation and work experience. We sincerely hope that you appreciate our point of view, as well as our aesthetic.

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